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Advancements in dental technology can offer you modern solutions to traditional dental problems. The driving force behind technological advances is a desire to provide you with leading edge dental treatment that can be performed in a more efficient, effective, comfortable manner.

To the average dental patient, it may appear that not much has changed in dentistry. Yet dental technologies have been evolving continually, helping to transform the field of dentistry. New technologies are developed with a focus on creating products and developing techniques that can be used by your dentist to help prevent, diagnose and/or treat dental conditions and diseases early and effectively.

Some of the more popular technologies we implemented in our clinic include:

Desensitizers : Desensitizers are used prior to dental treatment if you have sensitive teeth, so that you are comfortable throughout treatment. Desensitizers can be used alone or in conjunction with other pain and anxiety relief modalities such as local anesthetic or sedation dentistry.

Digital X-rays : Digital radiographs offer a way to capture dental images through a sensor that processes the image onto a computer screen. Digital X-rays can provide greater comfort than traditional X-rays and certainly reduce exposure to radiation. Four digital radiographs are about equal to one “dental film” X-ray.

Electronic Dental Records : Maintaining an EDR helps reduce medical errors due to faulty information (transcription mistakes, physical record damage, filing errors, etc.), improving patient safety. There are many inherent problems with paper records: they can be lost; data entry is very time-consuming; and they are subject to physical and environmental damage to name just a few.

  • EDR capabilities also include the ability to incorporate digital radiography and digital imaging, and track epidemiological data.
  • Paperless Charting allows a clinician to chart existing conditions such as decay, missing teeth and fillings. You can capture procedure and clinical notes right in the software, eliminating the need for paper charts.
  • Treatment Planning can be prioritized and will calculate a patient’s financial portion via the insurance tables.

Internet : We can send dental specialist emails with your intra-oral photos and radiographs so that they can discuss the case in real time with you in the chair. We can also file insurance claims electronically thus decreasing reimbursement times & provide accurate financial estimates for complex treatment plans.

Solaris Sterilization Center : Our sterilization area streamlines the process of dental sterilization from start to finish by making it easier, safer, and less time consuming. Designated areas separated by walls or partitions reduce the risk of cross-contamination during instrument processing. Our center is also equipped with VistaPure which provides an onsite supply of high purity water, distilled-quality water for our clinic. The system produces two grades of water — distilled-quality water for autoclaves and ultra-filtered non-corrosive water for bottles used in our dental delivery systems.

ECO-FRIENDLY EQUIPMENT : Dr. Adams built the office with our community in mind. She installed Eco-friendly equipment & filters to decrease any environmental impact.

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