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Dr. Cally L. Adams

Dr. Adams has an extraordinary ability to ensure that young children have positive dental experiences from early childhood and throughout their lives. Her goal is to help children receive a positive and effective dental visit every time, and to build trust and confidence over time.

Dr. Adams has been a Pediatric Dentist in Hawaii since 2007. Dr. Adams received her Doctor of Dental Surgery from the University of Nebraska College of Dentistry and her Certificate in Pediatric Dentistry from the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

For parents, the single most important thing is to find a pediatric dentist that perfectly suits your needs and your child’s needs. At Dr. Adams’ office, we know the importance of optimal oral health and work with parents and children to achieve it. 

You will find our office to be multicultural and multi-lingual, with Dr. Adams and staff members speaking additional languages. We also have a unique care perspective, as our doctor is a female pediatric dentist. Our vision is to create a dental experience for families that demand superior care, quality and value. We believe that every personal contact must be conducted with gentle courtesy and true concern for our patients’ well-being and comfort.

Most dentists upon graduation from dental school have had some experience in working with pediatric patients. But many general dentists are less familiar and less comfortable with infants and toddlers. A pediatric dentist is someone who has achieved additional training in the field of pediatric dentistry and has acquired unique knowledge in areas such as child growth and development, child psychology, pharmacological, behavioral management techniques, and much more. For younger children, behavioral management becomes critical in helping your child overcome their fears in seeing a dentist.

For adolescents, the pediatric dentist can help identify early signs of dental crowding monitoring facial growth and profile, and screening for irregularities in dental development. It may appear that a simple intraoral dental exam is the same for all dental practitioners, but the specific details in which a specialist is evaluating goes far beyond than just looking for cavities.

Finally, Oral Health for today’s youth is incredibly important. With the rise in consumption of soft drinks, sugary snacks, and fast food, it’s more important than ever to make sure our children grow up learning proper oral health. Using kid-friendly methods, we pride ourselves on our ability to reach young children and show them that a visit to the dentist is everything but scary. We promise to give your child everything they need for a healthy oral future.

Dr. Cally L. Adams

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